How to work in Excel with PivotTables and Calculated fields

Hello, I hope you have a nice working week. This post discusses PivotTables, calculated fields as well includes a tip regarding the equivalent in Power Pivot. Read the post in Swedish here Calculated fields Calculated fields are a function that is perfect to use when you have large amounts of data and where we do […]

The competition is closed

Thanks to all of you who shared your certificates! The competition is closed for this time and we will present the winner on Linkedin on Thursday the 1st of April. Keep sharing your certificates and inspire others!

Updated certificates + competition!

We have updated our certificate both in appearance and with new features. Now you are able to show in detail what you have learned during the course. In addition, you can now as well share your certificate! Put in on your Linkedin, CV or wherever you want!Click here to read this in Swedish Here we show […]

Slot machine challenge

In a parallel universe: the Excel Jackpot slot machine at the casino is not working properly – it fails to calculate the win. The slot machine spins 3 letters: A, D, G A A A – Wins the bet * 2D D D – Wins the bet * 2G G G – Wins the bet […]

PivotTables in Excel, something all Excel users should know!

PivotTables are something that all Excel users should master well and one of the first things one should consider learning. In this lesson, out of three, I will go through; how to make a PivotTable, uses for an economist, analytical possibilities and pivot charts. Read the post in Swedish here How to make a PivotTable […]

Password Challenge

Help out a company with bad security practices to validate their passwords with Excel! You are given the following requirements: – At least six characters long – No spaces – At least one number – At least one special character Drop your solution in the comments below 🙂 Our solution: =IF(AND(LEN(F4)>=6;NOT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(” “;F4)));COUNT(FIND({0;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9};F4))>0;COUNT(FIND($K$4:$K$16;F4))>0);”Valid”;”Invalid”)