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Our educational design


Each course is divided into chapter and lessons, the majority of which involving three parts: A short video, followed by a practical assignment, then a small quiz. The length of each video ranges between 1-3 minutes, making the course easy to complete alongside a busy schedule.

Practical learning

A key factor in developing high Excel skills is both practical learning as well as repetition. The assignments and quizzes combined with the video lessons allows you to quickly hone your skills and learn how to apply them in your daily tasks.

Human interaction

Alongside our learning pedagogy, what makes us stand out is our ability to interact with our customers and provide assistance when needed, something we have learned from our 7 years in the business.

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This is how Learnesy for Educators work

High standards

We take pride in the quality of our courses. It is important for us that courses is not just time-efficient but also high in quality. That is why some universities in the Nordics have set our courses as mandatory pre requisites.

Course diploma

After completing a course, you will receive a course diploma in which you can share digitally to your LinkedIn page, or any other digital platform of your choice. Excel is a great asset in any market, which is why you should take the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills.

Admin view

Admin view with access to statistics. This view allows you to follow up on the progress and development of your students throughout the course.


We keep up with all the updates of the programs, but also listen to your feedback to make sure the course content always stays relevant.

Course progression

If you have students who are in need of more advanced skills within Excel, we can offer progressions on our basic courses. This will allow your students to increase their competence and prepare them for work life.

We are always here, and available at your convenience

We are working at your convenience, meaning that we will always adjust to your schedule and what fits you, never the opposite. Thanks to the online format, we can guarantee that we deliver consistent high quality solutions.

Start with a pilot? If you still feel unsure, get in touch and we can get you started with a pilot.

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