Slot machine challenge

Slot machine challenge

In a parallel universe: the Excel Jackpot slot machine at the casino is not working properly – it fails to calculate the win.

The slot machine spins 3 letters: A, D, G

A A A – Wins the bet * 2
D D D – Wins the bet * 2
G G G – Wins the bet * 4

You can win on multiple rows at the same time.

Write a formula in cell K10 that displays the total win for a spin. You can spin the slot machine by pressing  F9.

Drop you solution in the comments below ūüôā

We will drop our solution Friday 19th March

4 thoughts on “Slot machine challenge

  1. =I10*SUM(INDEX((I6:I8=J6:J8)*(I6:I8=K6:K8)*INDEX({2;2;4};MATCH(I6:I8;{“A”;”D”;”G”};0));0))

  2. Alternate but similar solution. Think this one actually makes more sence

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