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We collaborate with several companies in the education sector that aim to increase their customer satisfaction. Maximize your success as a reseller with our online courses and tools.

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Our educational design

Short lessons

Every course offered by Learnesy is divided into chapters containing short lessons. Each lesson includes a short 1-3 minute video with a follow-up assignment and quiz. This allows you to schedule time to complete lessons to fits your busy schedule.

Practical learning

A key factor in becoming a master in Excel is having moments of practical learning combined with repetition. The assignments and quizzes together with the video lessons allows you to quickly develop skills and learn how to apply them in your daily tasks.

Human Interaction

As well as our celebrated learning pedagogy, what makes us stand out is our ability to interact with our customers and provide support, something we have learned from 7 years in the business.

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This is how Learnesy for partners work

Courses & Customers at your convenience

We can adjust our set-up to fit your demands. We can help you integrate our courses into your own platform, which can be done via a simple SSO, Single Sign On – something we are currently doing with some of our customers.

Meeting the needs

The need for increased competence in Excel is growing. We can help you meet the needs of your customers at your own convenience.

Get a kickback

Partnering with Learnesy means you will get a kickback on each signup through your platform. This can add a new stream of revenue.


We keep up with all the updates of the programs, but also listen to your feedback to make sure the course content always stays relevant.

Customer support

We do not want to take over the conversation with your customers, but if there is anything that requires of our assistance, we are happy to help as quickly as possible.

Want to develop something unique?

If you see an opportunity to for a special need in any kind, feel free to contact us and discuss how we can help you find a class or arrangement suited for your customers.

If you want know more or just talk to us about education, click the link below and we would be happy to help you talk to you!

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