About Learnesy


Learnesy was founded in 2014 by colleagues Marcus Andersson and Robert Gulevski. Through work in functions such as purchasing, finance, business development, project management, sales and marketing, they had experienced that, regardless of the industry, there was a common denominator that contributed to effective work with successful results – Microsoft Excel.

They could see that their employees often lacked skills and education in the program, which led to Excel becoming a time steal and an annoying moment instead of being a powerful tool. With a need identified, with their experience and knowledge, they were able to produce an education that was both practical and time-efficient. An education based on nano-learning means that the lessons are short – an average of 2 minutes. The foundation for Learnesy was laid.

About the courses

After completing the course you are assigned a personal course certificate and you can log in at any time to repeat the steps you are unsure of or forgot. Learnesy currently offers 18 different courses all with subscriptions that extend over a period of 12 months. The different courses suit the beginner as well as the one with experience and a desire to immerse themselves in the Microsoft Office programs. Follow the logical structure of the program from first to last lesson, or choose the lessons you need to see to supplement your current level of knowledge. You decide for yourself! The lessons have access to the file used to easily follow step by step. Each part is followed up with a concluding quiz where you as a user are tested in the field. You can access lessons from computer, tablet or mobile – whenever you want and wherever you want.

Internet learning is a descendent of separation training. Online instruction has a common history with correspondence learning. In 1873, Anna Eliot Ticknor established the Society to Encourage Studies at Home. Ticknor’s Society set up one of America’s first correspondence schools, a separation learning alternative led through the mail. This Society was gone for the instruction of ladies and enlisted in excess of 7,000 ladies. Instruction via mail was a quality way to deal with give training to all since it enabled colleges to get to an unbounded number of potential students. Today there are foundations that offer just online courses or assignment help, visit site australiaessays.info to get the image of how online services work. Simultaneously, block and concrete or customary establishments offer online courses notwithstanding their up close and personal courses. Web based learning, a descendent of separation instruction, has brought forth various instructive organizations gave exclusively to online degree programs in the United States. Customary colleges have additionally extended their contributions to incorporate online training. The comfort of web based learning has made it conceivable to arrive at a student populace that was beforehand unserved, to arrive at more students at pinnacle times of the day, and to augment assets and adaptability for the college. With this quick development in online instruction it appears to be judicious to look at the historical backdrop of separation training in the United States. The motivation behind this paper is to portray the development of separation instruction from correspondence courses to the Internet. So as to achieve this effectively an audit of the writing was directed. This survey of the writing depended on chosen articles tending to the historical backdrop of separation instruction in advanced education in the United States as found in scholarly diaries and distributions.

Learnesys Excel courses are used today at several universities and vocational colleges in Sweden and Norway. For example, the Excel Complete course is compulsory for all first-year students at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, and one of Sweden’s largest vocational colleges IHM Business School has chosen to make the course compulsory regardless of YH education. (Read more under “Learnesy in the media” below.) In 2019, Europe’s second largest business school, Norwegian Business School BI in Oslo, will also give its more than 20,000 students the opportunity to attend Learnesy’s Excel education. In our webshop we offer the same courses to you! All customers have two weeks’ right of withdrawal if you are not satisfied.


In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized, more and more benefits of online education are seeing and Learnesy strives to continue to be the foremost online educator within Excel. As a growth phase company, it is important for us not to lose the personal contact that has been part of the recipe for success. It is therefore central to us that our employees have the knowledge and responsiveness that makes all users feel seen and well-behaved. When it comes to developing education, we always listen to what our users need. That is why Learnesy, despite its main focus on Excel, developed courses in the programming language Python and Windows 10.

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