Learnesy was founded in 2014 by colleagues Marcus Andersson and Robert Gulevski. Through working in areas such as purchasing, finance, business development, project management, sales and marketing, they had experienced that, regardless of the industry, there was a common denominator that contributed to effective workflow with successful results: Microsoft Excel.

They could see that their coworkers often lacked skills and training in the program, which led to Excel becoming both a timewaster and an annoyance instead of a powerful tool.

Identifying a demand for education, they were able to develop, with their experience and knowledge, a program that was both practically oriented and time-efficient.

A pedagogy based on nano-learning means that the lessons are short – on average 2 minutes. The foundations for Learnesy were laid.

About the Courses

After completing a course, you will be awarded a personal course certificate, and you can at any time log in and repeat any parts of the course you are unsure of or have forgotten. Learnesy offers at present 18 different courses, all with subscriptions that span a period of 12 months.

The courses are suitable for beginners as well as those with experience and a willingness to immerse themselves within the Microsoft Office programs. Follow the structure of the course from the first lesson to the last, or pick and choose the lessons you feel would complement your current level of knowledge. It’s up to you!

For each lesson, you have access to the file that is being used, allowing you to easily follow along, step by step. Each lesson is followed up with a quiz where your new knowledge is put to the test. You can access the lessons from your computer, tablet or mobile – anytime, anywhere.

Learnesy’s Excel courses are currently used at several universities and polytechnics in Sweden and Norway. For example, the course Excel Essentials is compulsory for all first-year students at the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg, and one of Sweden's largest polytechnics IHM Business School has chosen to make the course compulsory regardless of polytechnic education. (Read more under "Learnesy in the Media" below.)

In 2019, the second largest school of economics in Europe, Norwegian Business School BI in Oslo, will give its more than 20 000 students the opportunity to join Learnesy’s Excel training. In our web shop we offer you the same courses! All customers have two weeks right of withdrawal if you are not satisfied.


In a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, more and more people see the benefits of online training and Learnesy strives to continue to be the premier online educator of Excel. As a company in a growth phase, it is important for us not to lose the personal contact that has been part of our successful formula. It is therefore central to us that our employees have the knowledge and care that makes all users feel heard and well treated.

When it comes to development of courses we always listen to the needs of the users. It is for that reason that Learnesy, despite its main focus being on Excel, have developed courses in both the programming language Python as well as Windows 10.

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