Power Pivot & DAX

Analyse data on a whole new level with Power Pivot and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

With Power Pivot and DAX, you can model data, visualize big data, and easily and efficiently create analyses to gain important insights. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a collection of formulas used in Power Pivot, Power BI, and Azure Analysis Services, among others. If you work with data management and analytics, you will surely greatly benefit from this Excel add-in.

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Some of the things you will learn in this course:

Power Pivot Basics

Gain a basic knowledge base in Power Pivot by first downloading and creating a shortcut to Power Pivot as an add-in for Excel. Retrieving data from external sources correctly is the most important step for the program, and in this course you will learn to do just that.

Relationships and columns

Relationships are an essential building block of working in Power Pivot, where many different kinds of relationships are created between separate databases. You can connect columns from one database to another to create completely new information as well as new ways of looking at the data you’re working with.


Measures are calculations that are applied to large amounts of data for data analysis. This course gives you an introduction to the concept and how to use it to provide new insight into your data.

Data Analysis Expression (DAX) formulas

DAX formulas are special measures that can take in multiple columns as arguments and can process big data in a way that Excel cannot. Learn the most common and useful DAX formulas as well as how  these measures work.

Course Content

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Chapter Content
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Get Power Pivot
Get Data
Power Pivot – Parts of the Window
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Working with Columns
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Measures (SUM & SUMX)
Date Functions
Logical Functions
Other DAX Functions
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More about the course

Power Pivot is a powerful add on for Excel and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) includes additional functions to use when you work with relational data and dynamic aggregation. With Power Pivot & DAX you can create data models, data analysis and import data from different various sources.

  • Approximately 15 lessons divided into 4 chapters.
  • Total video time: 37 minutes.
  • Estimated time to take the course including quizzes: 2.5 hours.
  • Average duration per lesson: 3 minutes.
  • Personal shareable certificate after completing the course.

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ole solheimole solheim
13:53 28 Feb 22
Top quality!
Anita KaharaAnita Kahara
22:12 09 Jan 22
Very well structerd course for anyone who want to learn Excel. Thanks Learnesy.
Steffen W. OlsenSteffen W. Olsen
11:38 22 Dec 21
Fantastic good courses that are easy to follow. Good video lessons and practice files, with subsequent quizzes.Very educational!
Ahmed MahmoudAhmed Mahmoud
09:51 14 Dec 21
Used me from learnasy’s excels tutorial during my studies as a student and now as an entrepreneur. Is extremely happy with the layout with videos that are super clear and educational. Would really recommend learnasy to everyone regardless of knowledge level as there are courses for everyone!
Leticia DelasmercedesLeticia Delasmercedes
15:45 22 Nov 21
Rekordstark starkt, lättsamt program att hantera. Väldigt pedagogiskt och jätte bra intyg efter avslutade kurser att ta med sig till arbetslivet.
Lars HerrstromLars Herrstrom
11:14 04 Nov 21
Bra kurs med välplanerade metod/genomgångar. Prisvärd.
Ida ÅbergIda Åberg
13:44 25 Oct 21
I am very happy with the course I took at Lernesy (Excel Bas, digital). It was easy to understand with a good division between recorded pedagogical lectures and assignments. Nice that it is always possible to rewind and get examples if there is something you do not understand. The course has helped me a lot in my role as climate strategist at ZeroMission.
Jens AdolfssonJens Adolfsson
14:15 24 Sep 21
Excel Bas:Good, content-rich and pedagogically structured material with representative knowledge controls. Personally, I really like that the videos are short (2-4 minutes) as it will be easy to keep the focus up and immediately get to practice on the material that one has just had to partake of! Has used Excel a lot before, both in service and in his spare time. Despite this, I learned a lot of new commands and got to test functions that in several cases could have optimized my previous projects, both at work and in my free time!
William LevayWilliam Levay
13:16 13 Aug 21
Körde excel-paket för ekonomer, och är mycket nöjd med kursens innehåll och upplägg!
Johan CollinaJohan Collina
21:27 02 Jul 21
"Pivottabeller fordypning":Svært godt fornøyd med kurset. Passe lengde på hver forelesning (2 min), god pedagogikk, forelesningene er tydelige i sitt innhold. Endel av stoffet i begynnelsen er svært basis, men senere kapitler tar Pivot et klart tyngre steg videre. Mye smånyttige praktiske tips også å ta med seg innimellom her. Foreleser snakker kanskje litt i raskeste laget tidvis (men det går da an å stoppe filmen og tenke seg om litt, evt spole tilbake:). Videre er det ikke alltid sammenheng mellom quizspørsmålene og vedleggene som trengs til disse (så vidt jeg kan skjønne).
Nora MoroNora Moro
09:43 24 Jun 21
Covers all the basics that enable a deeper understanding for more complicated skills. Effective way of learning and the knowledge is easy to apply when you need them for your own projects.
Niklas AhlqvistNiklas Ahlqvist
10:10 17 Jun 21
Very thorough and easy to follow courses. Gives a good understanding of the specific subjects.
Sofia MobrinSofia Mobrin
17:50 16 Jun 21
Superbra och pedagogiskt! Hade dessutom missuppfattat när min kurs gick ut så hann inte slutföra den men fick, inom bara ett par minuter, den förlängd.
Linnea MånssonLinnea Månsson
08:22 16 Jun 21
Riktigt riktigt bra kurser. Läste excelkurs bas efter fem år på KTH och lärde mig otroligt mycket som jag inte hade lärt mig under min skolgång! Kan verkligen varmt rekommendera dessa kurser. Väldigt pedagogiska och effektiva.
arvid holmängarvid holmäng
08:02 27 May 21
Kanonkurser & Grym service! – Svarar alltid inom 24h vid både stora & små frågor…
Ulrika CorneliussonUlrika Corneliusson
20:17 10 May 21
Jag kan verkligen rekommendera Learnseys kurser! Grymt bra, väldigt pedagogiskt upplägg med videos man tittar och lyssnar på som går att upprepa vid behov . Sedan avslutas med Quiz eller övning i excel.
Maria KMaria K
09:56 10 May 21
Superpedagogiskt och enkelt att navigera i kursinnehållet. Jag tycker särskilt om funktion att kunna favoritmarkera kapitel. Kundservice är väldigt tillgängliga och snabba. De löste tillgång till engelska kurserna såväl som svenska, då mitt Excel är på engelska. Jättenöjd och kan absolut tänka mig att ta fler kurser via Learnesy vid behov!
Daniel Aspgren LarssonDaniel Aspgren Larsson
15:03 07 May 21
Väldigt bra onlinekurser för excel. De är uppdelade i olika lektioner med quiz efter varje video, som är grymt pedagogiska!
David FlyrinDavid Flyrin
07:53 05 May 21
Väldigt bra utbildningar. Lätt att förstå materialet där man på roliga sätt får applicera kunskaperna i olika uppgifter. Rekommenderas starkt.
Johan PohlJohan Pohl
07:49 15 Oct 20
Overall a good course, with a very easy/basic start for the first half (5-6 modules) before getting into the 'good stuff'.I consider myself an above-average user of MS Excel and the Office Suite and the later modules did cover some topics in an easy-to-follow way.I did encounter several .xlsx-files along the way with assignments who had suffered from lacking translation and some details were clearly wrong in the file compared to the quiz.These were settings and not values, so the main content can still be approved quality-wise.
Julia BergstenJulia Bergsten
09:53 28 Jul 20
Online course: Excell Bas (basics)Great introduction to Excell and its tools!This is, I believe, one of the first and most basic courses that Learnesy offers. It introduces topics such as functions and formulas, navigation through the program, hotkeys, IF-formulas and much more. Each module in the course has a few video lessons of a couple of minutes long and ends with a quiz about the lesson. The quizes also includes applying the lesson learnt to a pre-set excel sheet, which made it easy to quickly learn the tool as I got to apply it directly. As the Excel program is built with multiple tools, the basics course was structured appropriately by going through the tools one by one with a subsequent quiz to test the knowledge.Previously I have used Excell throughout my studies, with some basic application such as creating functions, using pivot tables etc. to handle large data sets for assignments in various courses (mainly industrial economics, material handling and international distribution). This made the first lessons fairly easy as I am familiar with the program, but I also learnt something new in most of the first lessons. For instance, when learning about how to format sheets in excell, the lesson also explained how this can be used in large data sets, which put this into perspective how one tool is useful to solve more complex problems.As I had previous experience, especially the first 3 lessons were rather easy. When I did them, it felt a bit "unnecessary" as I already knew these bits. But they are easy and it goes fast to go through, and it probably depends on the experience of the learner. As the course progressed, I learnt more useful tools that I will continue to use from now on. Especially the lesson about IF-functions and search line/column was new to me, and something I believe I will use in my further studies and career.Something I would have like to have when working with the course, is some form of pdf showing an overview of the course before starting. Even though each lesson is labled, I believe it would be easier to get a grip of the entire course with a mindmap before starting the first lesson.To sum up the Excel Bas course:PROS+ Easy to use and understand the lessons+ Explains usages of different tools for further application+ Great content for a basics course with new tips and tricks as well as new knowledge of tools. Well suited for a self-taught learnerPOTENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS- Have a "cheat sheet" with everything learnt from the course to have as a refresher for my self- Include a mindmap of the overview of the course prior to starting the first lesson- Some quizes were a bit too easy, but that may depend on the course and your level of expertise in Excel prior to enrolling in a courseAll in all, a great course to improve my abilities in excel!