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With Learnesy's online courses in Excel, power programming, and data analysis, you quickly elevate your team's expertise. Each participant receives unique access to their course content, and our admin view simplifies tracking of the team's progress.

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Our educational design

For companies

We know that knowledge gaps exists at workplaces, Learnesy can therefore offer each user an personal log in with their own course content and language selection.

For companies

For educators

With Learnesy’s digital platform, you get a proven and well-liked colleague in the classroom. Today, Learnesy delivers courses to several universities and colleges in Sweden and Norway.

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Develop your Excel skills and stand out among all job seekers. Proficiency in data analysis is one of the most sought-after competencies in today’s business world.

Introduction to Excel

Oscar Broberg

University teacher, Gothenburg University

Learnesy has provided my students with a solid foundation in Excel that they will benefit greatly from in the future. The structure has been pedagogical and easy to integrate into existing courses.

Marcus Hellström

Program Director, Frans Schartau Handelsinstitut

In Hotel Management and Revenue Management & Data Analyst, Learnesy has been a significant and important part of the education, where students blend e-learning with some teacher-led lessons. This makes the level more consistent and enhances learning.

How Learnesy works for companies

Courses that meet all needs

We offer a comprehensive range of courses for both large and small organizations, with courses at multiple levels and languages. We offer Excel courses in Swedish, English, Norwegian, and Finnish


A smooth start for every participant

To succeed, every course participant needs a good start. Therefore, we always begin with a digital introductory meeting where you will learn about how the tool works.


Test competence

Test the competence within your company with our Excel test. Follow up on the course participants' progress in your admin view. Do you have your own LMS? We can also deliver the courses to you if you wish.


Hybrid solutions

We also offer tailored on-site training. Our experts bring the training directly to your company and customize the content to address specific needs and challenges that your team faces.



The education always maintains the same high level; we don't have bad days. The courses are updated as the programs are updated, but also based on customer feedback and requests.


Courses in your LMS

Do you want to integrate the courses into your LMS? No problem, we can handle it with packages or with a smooth Single Sign-On (SSO) connection. We already work this way with several customers today.


The more the merrier

Learnesy loves to assist larger groups, which is why the price per participant decreases the more you are. Contact us, and we'll tell you more!


You decide when and where

When changes occur during the day that requires you to pause your training, you can easily resume learning whenever it suits you, wherever you are.


Discover our courses

Excel Essentials

A complete guide to mastering Excel
This course is the perfect choice for those wishing to master Excel comprehensively. It covers almost all functionalities you can find in Excel, making it an excellent option for beginners and self-taught individuals.


Learn to utilize PivotTables to their full potetial
Learn to work effortlessly with PivotTables in Excel. Whether handling small or large data sets, this course provides the knowledge and techniques necessary for making data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.

Power Query

Explore data transformation i Excel
Delve into the fundamental functions of Power Query and their application in various scenarios. You'll learn, among other things, how to work with formulas, combine queries, and make connections to merge tables, enhancing your ability to handle and analyze data.

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