Who’s this course for?

Excel Essentials English is an online course in Microsoft Excel, perfect for anyone who is self-taught or a beginner in Excel and wishes to master the software.

With Excel you can easily turn data into insights. In Excel you can use functions to calculate, create diagrams and tables. Another great feature with the software is that you can work with your colleagues on the latest version for real-time collaboration. 

What will I learn?

The online course in Excel will start off by teaching you the basics in Excel, how to line up your data to look professional and other basic functionalities. We then move on to more advanced areas like Pivot tables, how to perform certain functions such as “Vlookup and “IFerror” as well as how to save time using macros.

Our pedagogy is based on Nano-learning means that the lessons are short –  average 2 minutes. After completing a course, you will be awarded a personal course certificate, and you can at any time log in and repeat any parts of the course you are unsure of or have forgotten.

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Excel version:
The lessons are based on Excel 2019 and will work well for all users with Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/365.

This is included in the online course:

  • Full access to the online course in Excel Essentials for 12 months
  • Requirements: No previous knowledge in Excel is required. Excel installed in your PC or MAC.
  • 86 lessons divided into 14 chapters
  • Total video time: 3,5h
  • Time to complete the course including exercises and quizzes: 7-9h
  • Average time per lesson: 2 min 38 sec
  • Personal diploma upon completion

Do you need to install Excel on your computer? You can buy Excel here at Microsoft

Course Content
In this chapter, we will review how to control what is visible in the worksheet and its appearance. Among other things we show you how to insert or hide rows and columns, and how to move data in a spreadsheet using the right techniques.
In this chapter we show the various settings for printing, making it possible for the printout to look the way you wish, regardless of the content of the workbook.
This content of this chapter will be useful when you have a spreadsheet with large data series. These functions are simple tools to get a better overview, and to quickly find certain pieces of data.
This chapter shows how to create and manage links between data from separate workbooks. To review the basics of spreadsheets, you can return to the lesson about spreadsheets in chapter 1.
In this chapter we show you how to prevent colleagues and friends from entering and editing information in your workbooks, and how to control what changes you want to allow.
Macros and Goal Seek are two functions of Excel that will save you a lot of time if used properly, where the program does the brunt of the work for you. This chapter will introduce you to macros, as well as show you how to use the Goal Seek function.