One course

249 kr / user / month

2988 kr billed yearly. VAT will be applied.

Educate yourself further with an online course in Excel, Power BI, SQL or Python – to name a few. Learney's concept is based on short lessons, quizzes and practice tasks. Learnesy's platform includes several smart features to facilitate your learning. For example, the ability to plan your learning, ask questions in our forum and favorite lessons for quick access. When buying a course, you currently get our course in Microsoft Copilot with the purchase!

All courses

599 kr / user / month

7188 kr billed yearly. VAT will be applied.

When you buy All courses, you get one year's unlimited access to the entire range of courses. This includes, among other things, 11 Excel courses and courses in Power BI, SQL, Copilot, PowerPoint and much more. The courses are completely online, which means you can study at your own pace and repeat the material as often as you like. After completing the course, you will receive a personal, shareable diploma. Here there is something for everyone and a lot for those interested in Excel and data analysis.


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Educational scheme
  • Access to all material 24/7 for 12 months
  • Complete the course at your convenience
  • Repeat freely during the access period
  • Courses that are maintained and updated
  • Personal and digitally shareable diploma per course
  • Schedule and set goals for your learning
  • Save your favorite lessons
  • Ask your questions in our forum
  • Tech Support
  • Track and test your knowledge
  • Admin features for your team
  • LMS integration
  • Discounts for multiple users

Business groups

With our platform, we focus on improving your company's skills through customized course content, flexible learning times, and tracking tools to track and test employee progress. We offer courses in several languages ​​and for different skill levels, as well as the possibility of hybrid training and integration with your company's LMS system. When you feel ready - contact us for a quote.

  • Personal Account manager
  • Personal User Accounts
  • Select courses
  • Quantity discount
  • Statistics
  • Unique login domain
  • Prior knowledge and follow-up test
  • Compare progress with the group


What are the benefits of taking an online course?

If you take one of Learnesys online courses, you can study at any pace you want.

You can also go back at any time and rehearse the course material.


How long do I have access to my course?

You have access to your course material 24/7 for 12 months.
You’ll see your courses at the top as a signed-in user.


Do I get a course certificate after fully completing the course?

Yes. You will find your diplomas as a logged in user under the ‘Diploma’ button. These diplomas are personal and can also be shared.
Tip – share your diploma on LinkedIn.

Is there any special prior knowledge required for the courses?

Is there any special prior knowledge required for the courses?

At Learnesy, there is everything from basic courses to more advanced courses.
Find suitable courses on our course page. If you need help with your choice of course, or are interested in attending several courses, you can contact

Are the courses available in several languages?

Are the courses available in several languages?

Yes. To see the range of courses in each language available, go to our course site and locate the flag – at the top of the webiste – and select the language you wish.
If you cant find what you’re looking for, please can contact

We are a group that wishes to take one or more courses

We are a group that wishes to take one or more courses.

Contact us and we will help you get started with unique users per participant.

We can also help you find the right courses. We are happy to tell you more about how we work with our customer groups.

If I have a technical issue?

If I have a technical issue?

For some courses, you can find the answer regarding software installation in the introductory course text or in one of the introductory lessons.

If you have further questions of a technical nature, please don’t hesitate to contact our support at

For any further questions then?

For any further questions then?

Other questions are referred to

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be ready to answer all of your further questions.