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Power BI
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Learn the basics of Power BI

Create dynamic reports and visualisations across large amounts of data using DAX formulas. The course creates a full report from scratch, which helps you as a beginner to follow all the steps involved in building a report in Power BI.

  • Go through the course at your own pace
  • Practical exercises and quizzes
  • Personal diploma
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What you will learn

Dynamic reports and visualisations

Create meaningful visualisations and reports with dynamic functionality. Learn how Power BI visualisations let you see your analytics from new angles.


Learn several DAX functions and the logic behind measures in Power BI. Measures help you quickly develop effective analytics on data, and this course teaches you many useful functions to help you effortlessly analyse and explore data.

Calculated columns

Create an understanding of how related tables work by extending your tables using calculated columns.

The Power BI Service

Share your reports and analytics using the Power BI service. The service allows you to explore reports internally within an organisation. You’ll also learn how to publish your reports to, for example, a web page.

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    An overview of Power BI
    Chapter Content
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    Import data and manage relationships
    Verify your data
    Chapter Content
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    SUM & SUMX
    Meter & Distinctcount
    Page filters
    Quick measures
    Excluding table expressions
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    Date functions
    Logical operations
    Chapter Content
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    Publish report
    The Power BI service
    Publish report on a website

More about the course

  • Target group: Beginners and self-taught.
  • 19 lessons divided into 5 chapters.
  • Total video time: 51 minutes.
  • Estimated time to do the course including quizzes: 2-3 hours.
  • Personal shareable course certificate after completing 100% of the course.

Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence service. Business Intelligence is all about analysing and processing data in order to create a better understanding of an organisation. In the course, you will learn Power BI’s basic features as well as how the service works in general. You will learn, among other things, how to Get, visualise, transform, and share data.

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