The Excel PivotTables Guide

Become an expert in Excel's most fundamental data analysis tool

With this course, you’ll quickly and efficiently learn how to set up and analyse databases. Once you’re able to analyse data at a deeper level, you will then be able to produce sustainable decision-making data and relevant key figures from databases more quickly.

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Some of the things you will learn in this course:

PivotTable Basics

In this course, you’ll start by quickly and efficiently learning the basics of PivotTables, including how the database is structured, how it is updated, and why you should always create a table of the database before you make a PivotTable.

Analyse all types of data

This course helps you analyze all kinds of data, whether it’s revenue over time, costs broken down by department, analysing responses in a survey, etc.

Group data

Many databases contain a column made up of dates or times. This means that in your PivotTable you may need to analyse data and key figures by year, quarter, month, week, or day. PivotTables allow you to efficiently group based on dates, something you’ll learn in this course.

PivotCharts and Slicers

It can sometimes be easier to analyse data by seeing it, for example, in the form of a bar or pie chart. It’s an effective way to visually present data after you’ve finished an analysis for a colleague or manager. The combination of charts and slicers can be magical and lifts your PivotTables to new heights.

Course Content

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Chapter Content
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What is a Pivot Table
How to Create a Pivot Table
Updating the Pivot Table
Viewing the Underlying Data
Important Terms
Chapter Content
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Using a Table for the Pivot Table
Add Fields to the Pivot Table
Arranging the Pivot Table Fields
Access the Field Settings
Format Numbers in the Pivot Table
Change Calculations for Numeric Fields
Manage Totals
Manage Subtotals
Renaming Fields
Add a Field Multiple Times
Pivot Table Layouts
Create a Pivot Table with multiple sources
Chapter Content
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Group Data Manually
Group by Value
Group by Date
Hide and Unhide Pivot Table Groups
Chapter Content
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Sorting the Pivot Table Alphabetically
Sorting Manually
Sorting by Values
Sorting with a Customised List
Chapter Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps
Using Slicers in the Pivot Table
Slicer Options
Slicer Format
One Slicer for Multiple Pivot Tables
Chapter Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps
Adding a Calculated Field
Modifying the Calculated Field
Adding a Calculated Item
Modifying Calculated Items
Chapter Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps
Apply a Pivot Table Format
Custom Pivot Table Formats
Copy the Format to Another Workbook
Chapter Content
0% Complete 0/5 Steps
Create a Pivot Chart
Change the Chart Type
Pivot Chart Options
Filter the Pivot Chart
Create Additional Pivot Charts
Chapter Content
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Independent Pivot Tables
Group by Weekday
Copy a Pivot Table
Group by Age Range

More about the course

  • Approximately 50 lessons divided into 10 chapters.
  • Total video time: 2 hours.
  • Estimated time to take the course including quizzes: 4 hours.
  • Average duration per lesson: 2.5 minutes.
  • Personal shareable certificate after completing the course.

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