How to succeed with Doughnut Charts in Excel

Doughnut charts can be a perfect tool to visualize results or percentage of achieved goals.The charts can be a bit complicated to put together if you have not done it before, however, they are simpler than you think and have been appreciated the times I have implemented them in management presentations. This post includes an […]

Barcode challenge

In this week’s challenge, you need to help your local post office whose package sorting system is broken. The packages have a barcode that, when scanned, are converted into a series of ones and zeroes (bits). The destination country is written in the barcode. It is determined by the two first bits and by the […]

4 ways to use Correlation in Excel for a Business Controller

Correlation indicates in statistics the strength and direction of a relationship between two or more variables. The correlation is often stated with a correlation coefficient. One method for determining the correlation between two variables is bivariate analysis. The correlation coefficient has a value between 1 and -1, where 0 indicates no relationship, 1 indicates the […]

Secret Code Challenge

In our first quiz the task is simple – but not too easy: find the secret codes in a list of shipment numbers using Excel! Download the workbook: The code hidden in the shipment numbers is 007. Use Excel to come up with a solution that tells how many of the shipment numbers have a […]

Conditional and custom formatting in Excel, is it worth the effort?

Is it…? Is it worth the time you need to spend before you learn the function… and even after? There is a lot you can do with this function but I would recommend learning formulas and basic functions first. In answer to the question, yes it is worth the effort if you do not make […]