Carl Stiller – our new guest blogger!

Carl Stiller – our new guest blogger!

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Tell us! Who is Carl Stiller?

I would describe myself as an energetic and happy economist with a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Linnaeus University with 14 years of experience in the controller profession and with a preference for Excel. I became acquainted with the program for real at my first controller service at Korean LG Electronics. It was love at first sight and now 14 years later we are still connected ❤️.

I am a member of the network FP&A Board and a member of AKAVIA’s Federal Council. In 2015, I took the step to start working as a consultant with a focus on Business Controlling, Interim and Change Management. The first assignment, one year long, was at Spotify where I mainly worked with the development of analysis, writing complex Excel formulas so that we could better understand the revenue streams.

What will your posts be about?

My posts will be divided approximately as a working month and as a year wheel, with tips on smart ways to work during financial statements, reporting, forecast and with budget. The posts will also cover the benefits of Microsoft’s new super features such as XLOOKUP. One post will also focus only on what you can use SUMPRODUCT for, a really sharp formula that I work with daily.

My focus will be to show real examples from working life and how to work with this fantastic tool!

Why do you want to share this?

I have a strong belief that you should continuously develop in your profession. Both for your own sake but also for your employer. I always try to learn from my colleagues, things I do not know and in the same way I share knowledge with those who do not know what I know… quid pro quo. In the same way I want to share my Excel knowledge, so that the average person can work more efficiently with Excel.

What do you do when you are not working in Excel?

I live in Tyresö outside Stockholm with my wife and three children. In my free time I paddle sea kayaks, do a lot of sports and have done the Classic several times. All of my children have different sports activities during the week, so you can say that I am a part-time taxi driver.

What is your favourite feature?

Easy question, SUMPRODUCT… Excel’s most underestimated function. When I wrote the post about the feature, I found 2 new ways to use it.

What do you use Excel for at home / when you are not working?

I use Excel as a tool… such as a notepad, spreadsheet or an aid at work and in everyday life. At home, it can be anything from looking at household finances, keeping track of your own sports results or doing various calculations.

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