Shortest path problem with Excel solver

In today’s post, you will learn how you can use Excel for solving the shortest path problem. The shortest path problem is a fundamental optimization problem with a massive range of applications. It is used for example in logistical problem solving, project management, and routing – to only mention a few. In addition, it is […]

5 ways to insert reports from Excel

Pasting reports … should it be that hard to get it right?🤔    If we have now prepared a report numerically and need to insert it in PowerPoint or in a Word document, how do we do it? There are several ways and I will show how I normally do. Read the post in Swedish here […]

We’re currently updating our website!

As part of our efforts to improve your experience we are updating our website! We will perform updates during the whole day and hopefully you will not notice this. But for some of you, some files are not available.

⭐ Master Excel’s SUMPRODUCT in 7 steps ⭐

We have now come to the post for the powerful function SUMPRODUCT… my favourite function. I became acquainted with this feature 12 years ago, setting up revenue forecasting models at CA Technologies, and am still finding new ways to use it. This function is said to be one of Excel’s most underrated functions. For an […]