Merry Christmas from Learnesy!

Christmas is upon us and well-deserved holidays are just around the corner. But just as usual, our online courses are available for you to fill your holiday with learning. We are also keeping our support open on weekdays. With these words we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with our traditional christmas tree – […]

List of useful shortcuts in Excel ⭐️

The new 🦸‍♀️super function XLOOKUP in Excel

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel’s new super function XLOOKUP, a good tip is to try to use the function every time you intend to use VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP. In this way, you will learn more quickly how to work with the function. Read the post in Swedish here What is XLOOKUP? The feature […]

Smooth Performance Reporting in Excel! ⭐️

We have now come to the first posts that deal with reporting, I will show the most common types of reports and how to use formulas to populate the reports in a foolproof way😊. The new XLOOKUP function is said to be able to replace most functions here, but I still find VLOOKUP to be […]