We welcome Nora to Learnesy!

We welcome Nora to Learnesy!

Learn more about our newest team member Nora in this article. Nora is Norwegian speaking, but has very good understanding of Swedish and talks English fluently. She will be a great asset this summer, and will mainly focus on the Norwegian courses. 

Who are you?

I am a student with a bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology, HR and management, and I am now part of the team working to reach out to the Norwegian market through my summer job at Learnesy.

What tasks will you have this summer?

My primary tasks this summer will consist of translating course material into Norwegian. It will help to increase accessibility and understanding for our Norwegian users. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to further develop Learnesy’s products in Norway. With the growing demand for Excel and data analysis skills, I am eager to help others master this tool that I myself have found so useful.

What are your previous experiences with Excel?

Through my studies, I have gained good experience with Excel, and I have seen how valuable it can be for effective data management and analysis. I am convinced that the knowledge I have acquired through my bachelor’s will be an advantage in my work translating course material for Learnesy. I look forward to bringing my energy and enthusiasm to the work I will be doing for Learnesy.

Welcome, Nora!

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Som produktutvecklare jobbar Niklas med att skapa och förvalta kurser på Learnesys plattform. Han har studerat statistik och har en bakgrund inom programmering och datavisualisering. Förutom goda kunskaper i Excel, har han ett brinnande intresse för dataanalys, och besitter goda kunskaper inom ämnet och verktyg för området.