Upload your course certificate on LinkedIn.

Upload your course certificate on LinkedIn.


A certificate confirming your completion of a course in Excel, Power BI, SQL, or PowerPoint can make the difference in whether you’re invited for an interview, secure an internship, or even land a new job. That’s why you can now share your course certificate on LinkedIn or download it as a PDF with just a few simple steps!

Here’s how you share your course certificate on LinkedIn.

Of course, at Learnesy, we believe that you should share your diploma on LinkedIn. This is very straightforward, and you can follow the short guide below. The prerequisite is that you have completed a course. You can find your course certificates in the top menu under “Course Certificates”.

Step 1 – Click on “Add Certificate to profile”

Change to English if desired and click on “Add certificate to profile“. You will now be redirected to LinkedIn..

Step 2 – Publish on LinkedIn

When you’re redirected to LinkedIn, a dialog box will open. Here, you can simply press “Save.”

Step 3 – Celebrate your diploma!

Summary of the steps in Swedish:

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