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The WEEKDAY function calculates the day of the week of a given date. The value returned is a number between 1, representing Sunday, and 7, representing Saturday. This return value can be changed, however, depending on preference.
It consists of two arguments: the date, and the return value. We’ll write Equals Weekday, select the date, and write 1. The Ninth of March seems to be a Wednesday.
Instead of having the return value be a number, we can use the TEXT function to write out the day of the week. This consist of two arguments as well: the date, and the return value type.
We’ll write Equals, TEXT, select the date, and write four D’s in quotation marks. This will write out the name of the day in full.
Again we get a Wednesday. Copying the formula downwards shows us the days of the week for each of the dates.
This lesson has gone through the different ways of finding the day of the week for a given date.