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In this lesson we will be going through the Depreciation function SYD, which returns the Sum of Years’ digits.
The function is written in the same way as SLN function, except that the period for each payment is also needed.
We’ll write Equals, SYD, select the cost, make it absolute, select the Residual Value, make it absolute, select the life span, make it absolute, and then select the period to the left without making it absolute.
We will then drag down to see the depreciation value for each of the periods, which eventually leads to the Asset value being the same as the Residual Value.
As we can see, the values are not all the same as in the SLN function, and we can insert a line graph to see the curvature of the line.
In this lesson we have looked at the SYD function, which returns the Sum of Years’ digits.