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In order to find the value of a given quartile, we use the QUARTILE function.
It consists of 2 arguments, the list of numbers from which we are calculating a quartile, and which quartile we would like to find.
We’ll write Equals, QUARTILE, select the list of numbers, and then write either one, two, three, or four, depending on which quartile you want to find. We will write 1, to find the first quartile.
We get the number 17.25, which means that 25 percent of the numbers in the list have a value of 17.25 or lower.
Replacing the 1 with a three, will give us the third quartile. As we can see, 75 percent of the values in the list are 39.25 or lower.
Note that this can also be done using the PERCENTILE function, by having the second argument be 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, or 1.
This lesson has gone through how to use the QUARTILE function.