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In this lesson we will be going through the different ways of using the PERCENTILE function, which returns a given percentile. We’ll be using a list of numbers ranging from 1 to 60.
We’ll first want to find the 30th percentile. For this, we will write Equals, PERCENTILE, select our list, and then write 0.3, for 30%, as the number in the second argument must be a number between 0 and 1.
We get 22.1, which means that 30% of the numbers in the list are smaller than or equal to 22.1.
To get any other percentile, we simply replace the 0.3, with whatever we would like.
Let’s get the 85th percentile. We’ll replace the 0.3, with 0.85.
This gives us a value of 49.75, meaning that 85% of the numbers are smaller than or equal to 49.75.
This lesson has shown the PERCENTILE function, which returns the value of a given percentile out of a list of numbers.

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