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Now we will be taking a look at three different ways to locate a specific value.
MATCH gives us the position of a given value. We’ll write Equals, MATCH, define what we are looking for, select the area, and then write a 0 to get an exact match. The value “Orange” is in position number three.
The INDEX function instead gives us the value in a specific position. We’ll write Equals Index, select the area, choose the row… and column. At the intersection of row 3 and column 2, we find the color Purple.
Out of a list of values, the CHOOSE function returns the value in a specific position. We’ll write Equals, Choose, give our position, and list the different values… In position number 2 in the list, we find the letter B.
In this lesson we have gone through three ways of locating values in a list: MATCH, INDEX, and CHOOSE.