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This lesson will show two ways to cut decimals from a number in Excel, the INT and TRUNC function.
INT, short for Integer, rounds the number down to the nearest whole number. We’ll write Equals, INT, and select the number. We’ll then copy down.
As we can see, if we had simply shown fewer decimal places, the number would have been rounded up, but the INT function simply cuts off all of the decimals in the number.
The TRUNC function, on the other hand, lets you choose how many decimals you want to remain.
We’ll write Equals, TRUNC, select the number, and write how many decimal places we want to have left after the function has run, which for us will be two.
Copying down, we can see how each number now has two decimals remaining in the number.
In this lesson we have taken a look at two ways of chopping decimals off of a given number.