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In this lesson we will go through the INDIRECT function, which returns a referenced value based on a string of text.
In this situation, if we were to simply write Equals, and select cell D4, we would get the value B7.
But if we write Equals, INDIRECT, and then select D4, we instead get the value in cell B7, 56. Replacing D4 with E4, we get the value in cell B16.
INDIRECT can be used in calculations, such as AVERAGE, or SUM. We’ll write Equals, SUM, start the INDIRECT function inside the SUM function and reference cell D4. To add up everything in between cells B7 and B16, but reference cells D4 and E4, we will need to write ampersand, a colon in quotes, another ampersand, and then select cells E4.
In this lesson we have had a look at how to get values in cells based on a string of text using the INDIRECT function.