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This lesson will be going through the AND function, which, when placed inside of an IF function, returns true only if all given conditions are true.
We will also cover the OR function, which returns true if any of the given conditions are true.
The function consists of two criteria, the two conditions that are being checked.
We are here checking if the numbers in both B8 and B9 are larger than 10.
We’ll write Equals, IF, and start the AND function inside the IF function. We’ll write our two conditions… “T” if it is true, and “F” if it is false.

The final result turns out to be false, because both conditions must be true for the return value to be true.
The OR function is similar to the AND function, except that it only needs one of the arguments to be true for the return value to be true. We enter the function, and replace AND with OR… and we see that the return value is True.

In this lesson we have gone through the AND and OR functions.