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If we want to decide between which two numbers we want a random whole number, we use the RANDBETWEEN function.
It consist of two arguments: the bottom number, and the top number.
We’ll write Equals, RANDBETWEEN, type in 25 for our bottom number, and 60 for our top number.
We get a random number, without any decimal points, between 25 and 60.
If we would like to get the same result but with decimals as well, we’ll have to use the RAND function.
Using the same values, we’ll write Equals, 25, plus, 35, times, RAND. This is a less intuitive way of getting the same result, only with decimals this time.
This lesson has gone through the RANDBETWEEN function, as well as a variation on the RAND function, which gives us a random number between two given numbers.