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In this lesson we are going to go through the EVEN and ODD functions, which return the next Even or Odd whole number, respectively.
Both functions consist of only one argument: The number which we want to have changed to the next Even or Odd number.
So for even, we’ll write Equals, EVEN, and select our number. We get the number 98, which is the next even number after 96. If we change the number to a negative, we can see that it rounds the number down instead, to negative 98.
To get the next Odd number, we write Equals, ODD, and select the number. The result changes to the number 97, which is the next Odd number after 96. Same thing applies if we change the original number to a negative.
In this lesson we have taken a look at the EVEN and ODD functions, which round numbers up to the nearest even or odd integer.