Excel challenge – Binary to text

Excel challenge – Binary to text

Your cryptic uncle has sent you a text message in binary and now you need to convert it back to a readable format.

First, you need to convert to a decimal value. To convert from binary to decimal we use the following formula:

decimal = d0×20 + d1×21 + d2×22 + …

The decimal number is equal to the sum of binary digits (dn) times their power of 2 (2n)


Find the decimal value of 111001

1⋅25+1⋅24+1⋅23+0⋅22+0⋅21+1⋅20 = 57

Then, use the conversion table to convert the decimal number to a character.

Write a formula in column G that converts the binary string into a character. The message can then be read from top to bottom.

Post your solution in the comments! 🙂

Our solution:


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