Plattformen för utbildning i Excel och Dataanalys

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Krishan Kent

Group Puchasing Director, Orkla

A major advantage of Learnesys training is that I can track each employee's development and tailor tasks to the training to ensure that we get something practical out of it. The short lessons provide efficiency and focus on learning a specific issue. We think it's great!

Oscar Broberg


Learnesy has provided my students with a solid foundation in Excel that they will benefit greatly from in the future. The structure has been pedagogical and easy to integrate into existing courses.

Marcus Hellström

Göteborgs universitet

In Hotel Management and Revenue Management & Data Analyst, Learnesy has been a significant and important part of the education, where students blend e-learning with some teacher-led lessons. This makes the level more consistent and enhances learning.

How Learnesy works for companies

Courses that meet all needs

We offer a comprehensive range of courses for both large and small organizations, with courses at multiple levels and languages. We offer Excel courses in Swedish, English, Norwegian, and Finnish


A smooth start for every participant

To succeed, every course participant needs a good start. Therefore, we always begin with a digital introductory meeting where you will learn about how the tool works.


Test competence

Test the competence within your company with our Excel test. Follow up on the course participants' progress in your admin view. Do you have your own LMS? We can also deliver the courses to you if you wish.


Hybrid solutions

We also offer tailored on-site training. Our experts bring the training directly to your company and customize the content to address specific needs and challenges that your team faces.


Our Team


Marcus is one of the founders of Learnesy and has been with the company since 2014. He taught himself Excel during his years as a strategic purchaser and controller, where he also noticed a widespread need for better skills in the area among colleagues. With that drive, he has led Learnesy for 10 years and continues to constantly develop to enable more people to learn Excel and data analysis with Learnesy.



Emil has been working at Learnesy as a product developer for several years and is behind several of Learnesy's courses. He has an education in computer science with a keen interest in the analytical and theoretical aspects. In addition to Finnish and Swedish, Emil also speaks fluent Excel functions!



As a product developer, Niklas works on creating and managing courses on Learnesy's platform. He has studied statistics and has a background in programming and data visualization. In addition to excellent Excel skills, he has a keen interest in data analysis and possesses advanced knowledge of the subject and tools in the field.