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      Select column
      Last populated cell
      Next populated cell

      This doesn’t apply on mac, what should I do instead?

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      Fair point; not everything directly translates to Mac. Check the provided list below.

      • Select Column: Command + ^. This shortcut selects the entire column of the active cell.
        Last Populated Cell: There isn’t a direct shortcut to jump to the last populated cell in Excel for Mac like there is in Excel for Windows (Ctrl + End). But to my recognition, you can use a combination of shortcuts and actions to navigate towards the last populated cell. One way is to press Control + Arrow key in the direction you want to move (right for the last populated cell in a row, down for the last populated cell in a column), which will take you to the edge of the data region. This isn’t foolproof if there are empty cells in your data, but it gets you close.
      • Next Populated Cell: Similarly to finding the last populated cell, you can use the Control + Arrow key shortcut to jump to the next populated cell in any direction. If you’re in or adjacent to a block of populated cells, pressing Control + Arrow key will jump to the edge of that block in the direction of the arrow key you pressed. If there’s a gap between the cells, it will jump to the next populated cell past the gap.

      Consider this: Excel shortcuts can vary slightly based on the version of Excel and the Mac OS you’re using, so it’s a good idea to check if these shortcuts work as expected on your specific setup or if there have been any updates.

      Let me know if this doesn’t work.


      Niklas at Learnesy

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