Important information for JIBS students

From Wednesday morning (14th of september) you will be able to login to your account and begin your Excel studies by using your e-mail and as password the prefix before the @ in your email. For example; if your email is your password is malk2011. Remember to update your password the first time you sign in.

Further practical information:

  • Your license will be valid 12 months from 2016-09-14.
  • When you start the course the first film will explain how the course works.
  • If you forgot to sign the list, email from your JIBS account.
  • All JIBS students can install Office 365 on your computer without any cost. Find more information on this link. The information on JIBS site will be updated within short with more details of how you get access (and in english).

If you have any further questions send a mail to