Excel for Purchasing and Logistics

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Excel for Purchasing and Logistics

About the Course:

Since Excel is an especially important tool for those who work in Purchasing or Logistics, we, together with business organizations and those with experience in the role, have developed an Excel course that is uniquely adapted for those working in this field.

In our Excel course for Purchasing and Logistics, we have hand-picked the parts of Excel that are often used within the fields and from there created quizzes and exercises specifically designed for purchasing & logistics. After completing the course, you will be able to manage and transform data sources, model, and visualize big data. In addition, you will receive a diploma certifying your new-found knowledge.

What Will I Learn?

In our online excel course for Purchasing & Logistics, you will learn the basic functionalities of Excel. You will learn how to create a chart, make a table, add data, and freeze cells. We will then gradually move towards more advanced use, where you will learn more about formula management as well as Pivot Tables.

After completing the first part of the course, you will be ready to further deepen your knowledge. The Power Query and Power Pivot sections will teach you how to manage and transform data sources, model, and visualize big data.

You can go through the course entirely at your own pace and you can choose and see whichever lessons you would like. Use the ‘Favorite’ feature to easily find your way back to the lessons that you find the most useful.

Read more about the courses in Power Pivot and Power Query here:

If you have any concerns, please go to Questions and Answers or contact us at Learnesy.

About the course and what is included:

  • Learning format: Online Excel course
  • Target group: Beginners, self-taught and for those who want to further deepen their knowledge.
  • You have access to the course for 12 months
  • 73 lessons divided into 10 chapters
  • Estimated time to finish the course, including quizzes: 5-6h
  • Personal course certificate after you have done 100% of the course

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