Excel 3-in-1

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Excel 3-in-1

About the courses:

There are a total of 249 short lessons in 1 to 3 minutes that will give you great knowledge in Excel. Like all Learnesy’s courses, the lessons are short so it should be easy and fun for you to acquire the knowledge, and above all, easy to repeat. The courses also includes exercise assignments that you can practice on.

What will I learn?

The Excel package gives you 12 months of access to Learnesy’s three Excel courses:

  • Excel Essentials
  • The Excel Functions Guide
  • The Excel Pivottables Guide

Excel Essentials – With Excel you can easily turn data into insights. In Excel you can use functions to calculate, create diagrams and tables. Another great feature with the software is that you can work with your colleagues on the latest version for real-time collaboration. 

The Excel Functions Guide – The course will teach you the logic behind functions at the same time as it’s your very own online-library filled to the brim with functions. All available to watch and repeat whenever you need.

The Excel Pivottables Guide – If you use Excel on a daily basis, you are probably spending a lot of time making analyzes that Excel can easily make for you. Learnesy’s Pivottable Guide goes through lesson by lesson Excel’s PivotTables, an incredibly useful and powerful tool to analyze data.

What is included?
  • Form of education: Educational online courses in Excel Essentials, The Excel Functions Guide and The Excel Pivottables Guide 
  • Target group: In Excel Essentials no prior knowledge is required. The Excel Functions Guide and the Excel Pivottables Guide requires basic knowledge in Excel.
  • You will have access to the course in 12 months.
  • Personal certificate after completing 100% of the course

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Courses included