Who's this course for?
"Excel course - The Excel PivotTables Guide - English" will take you step by step through the powerful tool which is the Pivottable. If you spend a lot of time in Excel without using Pivottables, chanches are that you spend a lot of time analyzing things which Excel can do for you.

What will i learn?
The course is made up of short lessons and chapters. If you were to access this course you will soon have made your investment back in the currency of time. After each chapters you'll be asked to participate in a quiz to test your knowledge. Go to the course to see which chapters and lessons are included in the course.

If you have any questions, just contact us!

This is included:
- Full access for 12 months
- 20 lessons
- Video time: 2h
- Time to complete to course: 2h 30 min- 3h 30 min
- Avarage lesson time: 2 min 30 sek
- Personal diploma upon completion

1.495 kr (ex. moms)