Who's this course for?
”Excel Essentials English” is an online course in Microsoft Excel perfect for anyone who is self taught or a beginner in Excel and wish to master the software.

What will i learn?
The course will satart off by teaching you the basics in Excel, how to line up your data to look professional and other basic functionalities. We then move on to more advanced areas like Pivot tables, how to perform certain functions such as "Vlookup and "Iferror" as well as how to save time using macros.

Excel version:
The lessons are based on Excel 2016 and will work well for all users with Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/365.

If you have any questions, just contact us!

This is included:
- Full access for 12 months
- 86 lessons
- Video time: 3,5h
- Time to complete to course: 7-9h
- Avarage lesson time: 2 min 38 sec
- Personal diploma upon completion

1.995 kr (ex. moms)

6 Printing

In this chapter we show the various settings for printing, making it possible for the printout to look the way you wish, regardless of the content of the workbook.


14 What if analysis

Goal Seek and the Scenario Manager are two types of impact assessment where Excel does the work for you. This type of functionality will save you a lot of time if used properly.