1 – Get Data
7 Lessons
Get & Transform
00:53 min
Get Data
02:12 min
Get data from a different Excel file
01:11 min
Get data from Folder
01:59 min
Load as a Connection
01:49 min
Get data from Web page
02:02 min
External Data Sources
2 – Basic data transformation
3 Lessons
Fill up and down
01:41 min
Split by Delimiter
01:32 min
Custom and Conditional columns
02:45 min
4 – Grouping Queries
1 Lesson
Grouping data
5 – Combining Queries
2 Lessons
Multiple tables
Combine tables with different headers
6 – How to perform JOINS on tables
8 Lessons
Full Outer Join
01:38 min
Inner Join
01:30 min
Left Anti Join
01:21 min
Right Anti Join
01:21 min
Left Outer Join
01:40 min
Right Outer Join
01:41 min
Combining multiple fields
02:01 min

VLOOKUP in Power Query

In this lesson we learn how to work with VLOOKUP in Power Query. In chapter 6 we thoroughly go through the the concept of connections.