1 – Get Data
7 Lessons
Get & Transform
00:53 min
Get Data
02:12 min
Get data from a different Excel file
01:11 min
Get data from Folder
01:59 min
Load as a Connection
01:49 min
Get data from Web page
02:02 min
External Data Sources
2 – Basic data transformation
3 Lessons
Fill up and down
01:41 min
Split by Delimiter
01:32 min
Custom and Conditional columns
02:45 min
4 – Grouping Queries
1 Lesson
Grouping data
5 – Combining Queries
2 Lessons
Multiple tables
Combine tables with different headers
6 – How to perform JOINS on tables
8 Lessons
Full Outer Join
01:38 min
Inner Join
01:30 min
Left Anti Join
01:21 min
Right Anti Join
01:21 min
Left Outer Join
01:40 min
Right Outer Join
01:41 min
Combining multiple fields
02:01 min

Formulas and Functions in Power Query

In this lesson we will learn how we work with functions in Power Query. Follow the link to find the many functions available in Power Query: