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Excel for Purchasing and Logistics
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Excel is a useful tool for those who work as purchasers or logisticians.

Together with organisations and professionals within the industry, we have developed an Excel course that is adapted to those who work in the field. After you complete the course, you will be able to manage and transform data sources, as well as model and visualize big data.

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What you will learn

Excel Basics

Learn the menu system and keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation. Once the basics are in place, you’ll feel comfortable using the program and won’t need to ask colleagues or Google for help!

Functions and Pivot Tables

Functions may initially feel quite alien, but after going through this course you will be able to work with many useful functions such as VLOOKUP, IF, and SUMIF. You will also learn how to work with PivotTables, which will let you analyse all kinds of data.

Power Query

Power Query, or Get and Transform, is Excel’s data management tool, which is used to import, process, and combine data, among many other things.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is an Excel add-in. With Power Pivot and DAX, you can model and visualise big data as well as easily and efficiently create analyses to gain important insights.

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  1. Course Content

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    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/6 Steps
    Navigate with the keyboard
    Absolute and Relative Cell References
    Copy formulas
    Freeze panes
    Grouping rows and columns
    Find and Replace
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/5 Steps
    Format table
    Flash Fill
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/13 Steps
    The IF-function
    Learn the tricks for Date and Time
    Extract characters with LEFT, RIGHT and MID
    Use MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE to find values in a list
    Use INDEX/MATCH to lookup values in a two-dimensional range
    Identify the n:th largest/smallest number with LARGE/SMALL
    SUMPRODUCT sums the product of a range of cells
    Count cells based on a criteria with COUNTIF
    Count cells based on multiple criteria with COUNTIFS
    Use ROUNDUP/ROUNDDOWN to round numbers
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/7 Steps
    Using a Table for the Pivot Table
    Format Numbers in the Pivot Table
    Manage Totals
    Manage Subtotals
    Renaming Fields
    Filtering an Entire Pivot Table
    Adding a Calculated Field
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/5 Steps
    Using Slicers in the Pivot Table
    Slicer Options
    Create a Pivot Chart
    Change the Chart Type
    Filter the Pivot Chart
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/4 Steps
    Get Data
    Get data from a different Excel file
    Load as a Connection
    Get data from Web page
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/7 Steps
    Fill up and down
    Split by Delimiter
    Custom and Conditional columns
    Formulas and Functions in Power Query
    IF Functions
    IF & AND formulas
    VLOOKUP in Power Query
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/3 Steps
    Grouping data
    Multiple tables
    Combine tables with different headers
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/5 Steps
    Get Power Pivot
    Get Data
    Power Pivot – Parts of the Window
    Working with Columns
    Chapter Content
    0% Complete 0/8 Steps
    Measures (SUM & SUMX)
    Date Functions
    Logical Functions
    Other DAX Functions

More about the course

In our online excel course for Purchasing & Logistics, you will learn the basic functionalities of Excel. You will learn how to create a chart, make a table, add data, and freeze cells. We will then gradually move towards more advanced use, where you will learn more about formula management as well as Pivot Tables.

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